What’s it all about?

  • Kathy Brown
  • Age 50
  • Home: Surrey, UK
  • Occupation: providing treasure hunt games and trails for teams and private clients

On Monday 3rd July 2017 I fell and broke my arm. I have never broken a major bone before, not even as a child. I broke this one playing netball and falling over my own feet onto a tarmac surface while running and turning. The only other time I broke anything was my ring finger in about 2001 – which happened at the first touch of the ball, the first time I ever played softball. (Softballs are not soft). I don’t think me ‘n’ ball sports mix!

Anyway, my aim is to get fixed and back to trail running.

I am writing this blog because I couldn’t find anything much on the internet from others who had been through the same experience. I want hints and tips to help me through this. I’ll collect and share what I can, and pass on some hacks of my own devising. Hopefully this will prove helpful to someone else in future.